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Legal problems are often confusing and finding the right lawyer can be even more confusing.

The Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (KBA LRS) is offered as a public service, designed to assist people with legal problems, in finding the right attorney. When appropriate we can refer you to a lawyer who is familiar with your type of legal situation. If you have any questions about LRS or what to bring to a meeting with an attorney, please review our FAQ.


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Search for a member of the Kansas Bar Association 

Use this on-line search tool if you're looking for a specific attorney by name, by geographic region, or by category of practice (e.g. "Family Law" or "Real Estate Law").


Option 2

Call the KBA Lawyer Referral Service

Use this option if you would like to speak with someone who can help you determine what kind of legal assistance you require and connect you with the right lawyer for your situation. Because the LRS is certified by the American Bar Association, and every attorney who participates must carry professional liability insurance, you can have confidence in a referral from the LRS. It's like getting a reference from a trusted friend. And, our LRS consultants are multi-lingual (Hablamos Espanol).

KBA Lawyer Referral Service

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If you are a lawyer interested in joining the Lawyer Referral Service Click Here


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